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Blind boxer dog befriends a pet goose

Blind boxer dog Baks has got a new lease of life – after being taken under the wing of a pet goose called Buttons:


blind boxer and goose


Buttons the four-year-old goose leads her pal around everywhere either by hanging onto him with her neck, or by honking to tell him which way to go.


Owner Renata Kursa, 47, of Lublin, Poland, was heartbroken when Bak was left blind after an accident last year.


‘But gradually Buttons got him up on his feet and starting walking him around. They’re inseparable now – they even chase the postman together,’ she said.




Duck on Goose

Or maybe they’re both ducks, I don’t know, but I’m surprised the ridee isn’t throwing the rider off!




Silly goose


Untitled photo by Anna C.



500px / Untitled photo by Anna C..


Eaglecrest Goslings Safely Jump from Nest 4-7-12 7:31am PDT


Eaglecrest Goslings Safely Jump from Nest 4-7-12 7:31am PDT – YouTube.


Hard to believe these little goslings will make the jump. This nest was not near the ground!


“This Canada goose laid her eggs in a nest abandoned by red-tailed hawks and was harassed by owls at night during the month long incubation. After hatch RamblinRaptor placed a radio near the nest to deter the owl. It worked!”



Untitled Goose Ship


Untitled | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.