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Decorah Bald Eagle Update | Eggs & Talons

We are all on a hatch watch now, as the eggs are expected to begin hatching sometime between the 23rd and the 25th.  The first sign will be a “pip,” a hole in the shell.  When Mom gets up to shift or take a break, she has been listening carefully to the eggs, and has been softly talking to them.  Really cute.  If you haven’t watched in a while, click the Eaglecam tab and take a look.


[Photo from RRP site]


The Egg Roll Shimmy

Janet’s Note:  I can’t say this music does anything for me, but the images are priceless!  This is the last week of peace in this nest, as the eggs are expected to begin hatching this weekend.  Enjoy!

The Egg Roll Shimmy – YouTube.


How Big is the Decorah Bald Eagle Nest?


RRP Blog | Click here to read more…

Our moderators are often asked about the size and weight of the nest. The short (and very rough) answer? The nest is roughly 5 feet high by 6 feet wide at the bowl, and weighs about 1367 pounds.



Decorah Bald Eagles | Eaglecam Photos of the Day


Janet’s Note:  It’s been fairly quiet in the nest the past few days, Mom and Dad switching out to give one another breaks from warming the eggs…some wind, some light snow, a few animals or birds that Mom or Dad have had to flap away from the nest periodically. Mostly, they patiently keep watch over the eggs and observe what’s going on in the rest of their territory from where they are.


There are times when I thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to sleep the whole time we humans are pregnant,” but then I watch these eagles and see them actually yawn every now and then, and I think they must get rather tired of not being able to get out and ride the winds.


I continue to be amazed at how gentle these huge, fierce raptors are with their eggs as they turn around in the nest, land and takeoff, and so very carefully and gently turn the eggs.  Those of you who haven’t watched this before will be impressed with the parenting skills you will see demonstrated once the eggs hatch.


The pictures in this post are of Dad taking his turn and squawking at Mom to get back and give him a break at one point.  They have such an unusual squeaky voice, it still makes me chuckle with affection when I hear them.


It is such a privilege to be able to observe this whole process so carefully.  I thank all the people at Raptor Resource Project for making it possible.


Decorah Bald Eagles | Changing of the Guard


Decorah Bald Eagles | Eaglecam Photos of the Day

Mom has spent the day hunkered down over her three eggs.  She’s looking a bit bedraggled by the wind and freezing rain, and the nest is really swaying today.  This is one of those days that the thought of how amazing it must be to be an eagle is not quite so charming.

Having watched this eagle couple last year, I can say that if she wasn’t warming her eggs, she would still be hunkered down in the nest.  Dad is usually perched and holding tight to a branch near the nest.

It’s a little scary to watch this kind of storm, but the eagles just seem to take it in stride.


Decorah Bald Eagles Eaglecam Photo of the Day

Mom with her three eggs.  I am in awe watching how Mom and Dad take turns warming and guarding these eggs, and how gently they handle them.  They curl their talons and kind of walk around the eggs on their “knuckles” so they don’t puncture the eggs, and they very gently scoop the eggs with their beaks to turn them.  Huge creatures with great parenting instincts.


Decorah Bald Eagles | Eaglecam Photos of the Day

If you haven’t tuned in to the live broadcast, this is a great day to do so.  Decorah has been experiencing very high winds today, and that nest (which weighs 1,000 lbs., is 6 feet across, 4 feet deep, and 80 feet in the air) is swaying back and forth with the wind.

If Mom is going to have a third egg this nesting season (two is normal), it is expected to arrive sometime in the next 3 days, possibly tonight, according to RRP.


Select the Eaglecam tab above to view the live video.


Decorah Bald Eagles | Photo of the Day

Mom tending her eggs and looking up from playing with a cornhusk.


Decorah Bald Eagle Photo of the Day (plus a few…busy night and morning in the nest)

I captured a good profile of Mom to pair with a profile of Dad from last week so you can see the differences.  Most birds tend to have very obvious differences between males and females, possibly due, I think, to the courtship process…the males have to stand out.  In the case of Bald Eagles, the males and females mate for life, so, in my opinion, they don’t have to have the same differences.  Totally unscientific stab-in-the-dark guess based on observation and common sense.  I could be totally off base, though, so ask the experts before passing that along.  :)


It was a busy night in the nest last night and this morning.  I happened to be up all night for other reasons, so I was able to capture a lot of good shots from the Eaglecam.  I added some descriptions to the photos themselves this time.  Enjoy!


Snow-covered new mom | All is well

Janet’s Note:  And humans think we have it bad!  Mom just gave birth to her second egg and now she’s covered in snow.  Perspective is everything!

Raptor Resource Project’s Note:  Folks, we know that doesn’t look very comfortable, what with the snow flying, but Mom is fine.  She has 7,000 feathers and a coat of down protecting her and TWO eggs.  No Worry Zone.


Decorah Bald Eagles Photo of the Day

Dad brings Mom a fish to eat while she warms the egg.  A second egg is expected any day now, possibly tonight.

Decorah Bald Eagles Eaglecam


Decorah Bald Eagles | Picture of the Day

A handsome Dad eagle took over sitting on the nest over the first egg while Mom took a break at around noon earlier today.  Mom is expected to lay a second egg any day now.

Visit the Eaglecam for a live view of the nest, day or night.


Decorah Eagles Mate 2-3-12 11:05am CST – YouTube

And the adventure begins…