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  2. Harvey

    December 29, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    “Holiday tree” – really? Over the years I’ve been forced to drop everything Christmas and publicly acknowledge terms like “holiday shopping”, “happy holidays”, “holiday choir/chorus”, “winter holiday” and “season’s greetings”, but “Holiday Tree” completely bends it past the breaking point. Hey listen, it’s a CHRISTMAS TREE. It’s not just a pine tree stashed in the back of the car. It has ornaments and lights on it already. Cute that it is in the car and the lights are on – not reality but I can go with it.

    I liked the picture but the title spoiled it for me.

  3. Janet Dickens

    December 30, 2012 at 1:50 AM

    Hi, Harvey!

    I appreciate your point, but I must say that I have posted a multitude of “Christmas” images, videos, and heartfelt meaning-of-the-season items, and “Merry Christmas” notes all through my site during the past few weeks. I celebrate Christmas, and I do it in a way that celebrates the birth of Christ as well as a sort of a winter celebration of life, which is what the Christmas tree represents to me. Had I referred to a holiday manger, I would understand your point. In my mind, Christmas trees and Santa Claus are not what Christmas is about.

    I recognize all religions as different paths by which people are able to form a relationship with God and develop deep values and meaning in life. I comfortably wish people “Merry Christmas” when I am out in public, and I do not take offense when people wish me a “Happy Holiday.” I have had Jewish friends come into my house and remark on my beautiful Hannukah bush without my taking offense.

    I happened to use that “holiday tree” title because that’s the title that was on the image when I found it. The decorated tree in the middle of a car was totally silly and made me smile in a big way, and I thought it might bring smiles to others. I really thought the content of my site spoke more genuinely and sensitively and eloquently of all the goodness of life that I try to bring people than would be deserving of this kind of criticism.

    My husband suggested that I just ignore your comment and take it in stride, but I am saddened enough by it that I wanted to respond with my own thoughts and feelings. I put my entire heart and soul into the things I post here. It is truly a labor of love, and I do it in my spare time. I wouldn’t offend people intentionally for anything. I would like to think I wouldn’t lose you as a visitor to my site over either the title or this expression of my feelings, but I can promise you that I will attempt to watch for things like this in the future so that I don’t offend anyone else. I really only intended to bring you a smile.


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