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My name is Janet Dickens. Wife of one, mother of two, crazy cat lady of three Maine Coons, doglover of our wonderful Samoyed, I am a retired freelance transcriber specializing in U.S. Senate hearings and U.S. Supreme Court arguments.


I host my Curiosities sites for fun…and I really DO have fun with it!  I stumbled into this as a way of life, and I’m so glad you’ve found your way here!


What is CuriositiesByDickens?

A thoughtful and uplifting array of images and links to content all over the Internet, things that will make you think, things that will bring a smile to your soul — quips and quotes, images and photographs, articles and videos, recipes, brain games, and MORE…a tapestry of all that’s good in our world.  Family friendly.  Updated as the spirit moves me.


Perspective is everything and we all need occasional reminders that there is blue sky just on the other side of every cloud, no matter how stormy the day.


A Note About Copyrights:   Other than my original picture quotes, I do not claim rights to any of the content posted on my sites.  It is my intent to bring positive things to light and to bring you to the originators of this marvelous content, whenever possible, by noting the sources and providing a link back to that source.  If you or someone you know is the originator of any item I have posted, please contact me so that I can give proper credit.


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